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Books About Virginia Beach History

 The Historical Society has not verified the historical accuracy of the information in any of the books,

 with the exception of those highlighted.  


Bogger L. Tommy. Free Blacks in Norfolk, VA 1790-1860 – the Darker Side of Freedom. Charlottesville, VA: The University of Virginia Press, 1997.

Callis, Ann Handbury, Danna Cullen and photo editor Chris Crumley.  Vintage North End Virginia Beach - an illustrated history. Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2012.

Callis, Ann Handbury, The Cavalier on the Hill, Virginia Beach, VA: Donning Company Publishers, 2016.


Castleberry, Amy Hayes. Virginia Beach - Then & Now.  Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2010.

Chewning, Alpheus J. Virginia Beach in Vintage Postcards. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2004.

Chewning, Alpheus J. Virginia Beach Shipwrecks. Charleston, SC: The Hstory Press, 2008.

Dunn, Joseph W. Jr. and Barbara S. Lyle. Virginia Beach “Wish You Were Here” – a postcard view of Days Gone By. Norfolk, VA: The Donning Publishers, 1983.

Farrar, Emmie Ferguson & Emilee Himes. Old Virginia Houses – Harbors Vol.9. Charlotte, NC: Delmar Publishing, 1984.

Fox, Donald L. History of the Virginia Beacch Police Department, The First 400 Years. Evansville, IN: M.T. Publishing Company, Inc, 2006.

Foss, William O. The Norwegian Lady and the Wreck of the Dictator. Norfolk, VA: The Donning Publishers, 1983.  

Gardner, Hank and Chris Jennings. From The Beach To The Bay.

Gilbert, Lillie and Vickie Shufer. Wild River Guide to the North Landing River and its Tributaries. Virginia Beach, VA: Eco Images, 2001.

Gilbert, Lillie, Belinda Nash, Deni-Norred-Williams. Bayside History Trail, A View from the Water. Virginia Beach, VA  Eco Images, Feb 2003.

Grube, Martin.  Virginia Beach Fire Department – A Pictorial History   1906-2006

Hawkins-Hendrix, Edna. Black History, Our Heritage.  Princess Anne County, Virginia Beach, VA. Book 1. Virginia Beach VA: Edna Hawkins-Hendrix, 1998.

Henley, Barbara Murden. Glimpses of Down-County History, Southern Princess Anne County. Virginia Beach, VA: Eco Images, 2013.

Johnson, Eric. Looking Back Stories -Growing Up in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach, VA: Five of Clubs, 2009.

Jordan, James M., IV and Frederick S. Jordan. Virginia Beach – a pictorial history. Richmond, VA: Hale Publishers, Inc. 1977.

Jordan, James M. IV and A. Shepard Jordan. Gone...But Not Forgotten, Virginia Beach. Viginia Beach, VA: Johnson Bros. Group, 2008.

Kyle, Louisa Venable. The History of the Eastern Shore Chapel and Lynnhaven Parish 1642 - 1969. Norfolk, VA: Teagle & Little, 1969.

Kellam, Sadie Scott and V. Hope Kellam. Old Houses in Princess Anne Virginia. Portsmouth, VA: Printcraft, 1931.

Mansfield, Stephen S. Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach –a pictorial history. Virginia Beach, VA: The Donning Publishers, 1989.

Turner, Florence Kimberly. Gateway to the New World – A History of Princess Anne County, Virginia 1607-1824. Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1984.

Tyler, Fielding Lewis. Fort Story and Cape Henry. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2005.

Virginia Beach Public Library. The Beach: A History of Virginia Beach. Revised ed. Va Bch, VA: The Virginia Beach Public Library, 1996.

Warren, John. Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2015.

Yarsinske, Amy Waters. Virginia Beach, Jewel Resort of the Atlantic. Dover, NH: Arcadia Publishing, 1998.

Yarsinske, Amy Waters. Mud Flats to Master Jet Base:  Fifty Years at NAS Oceana. Gloucester Point, VA: Hallmark Publishing Company, Inc., 2001.

Yarsinske, Amy Waters. Virginia Beach, a History of Virginia's Golden Shore. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Press, 2002.

Yarsinske, Amy Waters. Lost Virginia Beach. Charleston, SC: The History Press, 2011.

Yarsinske, Amy Waters. Virginia Beach Through the 20th Century. Arcadia Publishing, 2017.

Zook, Leon R, (compiled by) and edited by Miller, Leroy. The Amish-Menonites at Kempsville, Virginia, 1900-1970. Virginia Beach, VA: Donning Company Publishers, 1995.

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Background image: Undated postcard showing the old and new lighthouses at Cape Henry.
The pilot boat "Relief" is in the background.
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