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Upcoming Events


General Meeting

Free and Open to the Public

June 2, 2024

2708 Princess Anne Road

Courthouse Community Methodist Church


“A Celebration of Princess Anne County / Virginia Beach Agriculture”


The county’s first extension agent served from 1918 to 1954 and introduced 4H activities to the county.

Agriculture during the two world wars.

The current extension agent will discuss current agricultural developments.

Update on the garden at Upper Wolfsnare house.

Second Saturday

June 8, 2024

Upper Wolfsnare House at 2040 Potters Road

10:00 to 4:00

Free and Open to the Public

"Pirates of Chesapeake Bay"

Life in Coastal Virginia in the 17th and 18th centuries was difficult at best, and made

even worse  by the presence of pirates, who not only attacked ships at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, but frequently came ashore in Princess Anne County and raided farms, stealing food, livestock, and whatever valuables they could find. Eliminating pirates in Virginia was a major goal of both Govenor Nickolson and Governor Spotswood,

who was responsible for putting an end to Blackbeard's reign of terror.

In our program two costumed interpreters, a pirate, and a tavern owner, will relate stories about their roles in society and how they managed a mutually beneficial relationship. They will discuss societal rules, food, superstitions, the economy,

and many other topics related to their lives.

The house will be open for tours every half hour.

Free for members, a small fee for non-members.

We will also have books for sale, new and used. All profits will benefit the

Princess Anne County/Virginia Beach Historical Society



Second Saturdays 2023

Writing with a Quill Pen

Some of the Programs Hosted by the PAC/VB Historical Society Over the Years

  • Virginia Beach History through Postcards

  • Skirmish at James Plantation

  • Jefferson's Paradox", by Dr. Timothy O'Rourk

  • The History of the Lesner Bridge

  • The architectural dig at Upper Wolfsnare, by Dr. Norma Barka

  •  Archeology at Jamestown, by William Kelso

  •  The preservation Alliance of Virginia, by David Brown

  •  The Story of Cape Henry, by Dr. Robert Albertson

  •  The contribution of George Mason, by Dr. Robert Hawkes

  •  The Restoration of Pleasant Hall, by Neal Kellam

  •  A Personal Diary of the Wilson Administration, by Nancy Lloyd Arthur

  •  Princess Anne County Foods, by Mary Reid Barrow

  •  Camp Ashby, by Harold Heischober

  •  The CCC in Princess Anne County

  • Union Kempsville Museum Tour

  •  The Centennial of the Munden Point Railroad

  •  The Pleasant Ridge School, by Dr. Lin Logan

  •  Dating Historical Buildings, by Mary Ruffin Hanbury

  •  The Contribution of Women's Organizations in Princess Anne County

  •  The Centennial of Telephone Service in Princess Anne County

  •  Princess Anne County After the Civil War, by Dr. Tommy Bogger

  •  Recreation of an 18th Century Election, held at Upper Wolfsnare

  •  The 1963 Merger, by Barbara Henley

  •  The Centennial of Municipal Government in Virginia Beach

  •  1904 Efforts at Auto Racing Along Virginia Beach

  • Knotts Island Indian Artifacts

  • Virginia Beach Airport Museum Tour

  • "Eye Witness to History" , World War II, by Anne Henry

  • 150 Years of Princess Anne County Public Education

  • "Too Much History", by journalist Paul Clancy

  • "How are we Teaching History", by Lannah Hughes

  • The Influence of Currituck Inlet on Princess Anne County

  • African-American Churches in Princess Anne County

  • Grover Cleveland, the President Who Loved Back Bay

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