Adam Keeling House

1157 Adam Keeling Road, Virginia Beach

Adam Keeling House

The Adam Keeling House is a private residence and not open to the public.

The Adam Keeling house, also known as "Ye Dudlies" was built possibly as early as the 1680's.  Thomas Keeling acquired a land grant in 1635 in the area now known as Great Neck Point. His son, Adam Keeling, is credited with building the house.  The Keeling family became one of the leading families in Princess Anne County and the house remained in the family through the latter part of the 19th Century.

Excerpt from Tree Ring dating PDF:
"The Keeling House is one of a significant group of small brick dwellings that were built in Princess Anne County in what is now present-day Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This assemblage of dwellings--including the Thoroughgood, Lynnhaven, and Weblon houses--have traditionally been dated to the 17th century, but scholarship over the past several decades has shown them to be a part of improved gentry housing in the lower Chesapeake that emerged in the 1710s, '20s, and '30s.  The Keeling House is a particularly fine example of this building type given its surperb brickwork, centre-passage plan, and refined woodwork.

Like the Adam thoroughgood House, the Adam Keeling House in Virginia Beach has had a variety of construction dates ascribed to it.  to resolve this, a programme of dendrochronology was commissioned by Mark Reed for the City of Virginia Beach through the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation."

Two Papers in PDF form on the Adam Keeling house are available:

The Life Cycle of the Adam Keeling House, Virginia Beach, Virginia:  by Kristen Olson
Fall 2006 - contributed by Sidney Vaughn


The Tree Ring Dating of the Adam Keeling House, Virginia Beach, Virginia by Dr. D W H Miles FAS & M J Worthington
Requested & Contributed by Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Carwell - December 2006

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